It’s true. We can never have everything we want to have. We always push ourselves to the limit, not realizing that we have no control in what will come to us.



We may be good at some fields but if it’s not meant for us, it will never be for us. I am not saying that it is impossible to succeed, nothing is impossible. I am saying that if you have been rejected to something you have been working hard for it carries a purpose behind. It could be because you have a door that is meant for you, and you haven’t found that door yet that is why rejection kept coming.

Trust God’s ways. He works mysteriously.

Always remember, never let rejection eat you whole. Yes, feel that pain you have all the right to feel it but never stay with it. People will tell you to just get over it and move on but it will never be that easy on your view, because it is only you who saw that pain inside you not them. No one can tell how much pain you felt but you.

Everythingthat we experience in life always runs through a process. Weep on it but never be swept by it.

Days will pass and so is that pain you felt. It will never be fresh again. It will now be a memory and it will now be forgotten.

You surpassed rejection. Chin up and be proud.



Heart’s been squeezed to push for hope.

Heart’s been trying to have a mouth.

Heart’s been screaming at the top of her veins.

Heart’s been waving every inch of her pumping beat to be seen.

Heart’s been jumping a million jacks to be noticed.

Heart’s been trying hard not to get tired.

Heat’s been pleading to be understood.

Heart’s been raking her loved memories to keep her strong.

Heart’s been gathering close people to hold herself up.

Heart’s been having flashbacks.

Heart’s been feeling for awhile.

Heart’s been wanting to rest for a second.

Heart’s been confused.

Heart’s been hurt.

Heart’s been wounded.

Heart’s been scarred.

Heart’s been stitched.

Heart’s been ripped off.

Heart’s been thrown into a blender.

Heart’s been tired again and again.

Heart’s been pushing to pump stronger.

Heart’s been knocked out to realizations.

Heart’s been learning but still; She goes on.

Still keeps fighting for every risk that she has in front of her.

Still keeps standing for every heavy load that she’s carrying.

She still;

Still keeps running even when the road’s nowhere to be seen.

Still keeps holding even when her helping hand’s a bit cloudy.

And still keeps this madness even when it all comes down to insanity.


Heart’s been selfless, she has to love herself.

Distance is never a Hindrance

Distance never matter, if you really think that this is it then why let go? you should hold on no matter how many miles apart you both will be. you should avoid all the temptations around you. you should post a reminder on your room, at the ceiling if you have to, so you would always be reminded every time you wake up . and if you think it’ll be hard for you, keep in mind that he’s not taking all of this easy too. that he’s doing this because he’s just being futuristic, he’s doing this because he wants to give you a great tomorrow. I know you’re hurting inside but leaving you will really hurt him a lot too. seeing you wave away from him and not even knowing if he’ll still come back is a humungous sacrifice. and all of the words you hid will make you regret that you left them unspoken, so you’d better shout them out! now! 🙂 :p

Just Blessed.

I am happy and inspired not because of being committed but because I finally figured out, that you don’t have to have a pass to know who really is with you or against you.

Right now, I have great and amazing friends and they are honestly supportive.

I maybe a weakling to some but I am not claiming it. Accepting how people see you is not good. Never be just a story people talk about. Be the story they want to hear.

My friends, they are my strength. The ones who push me forward and aim high. The reason why I breathe in and out so lightly. The ones who help me go through and be brave despite the trials. The reason why I keep going and take every step slowly but surely and they are the reason why I am happy.

I am a story they want to hear and I am just blessed.



Junkies, Thanky

I used to weigh less than my present weight.

I was so conscious then, I always get upset with myself about how I look.

In the midst of my dark days of insecurities, food came in…and honestly it made me felt better.

Though, I know those comfort foods were all junk. I still chewed all of them with love..

With love because they taste so good,  and they swooped away the bitterness inside me..

They’re just called junk because are unhealthy..not dirty..

I want to blame them but instead I want to thank them, because they may add me a lot of pounds but they subtracted a lot of burden inside my heart..

Plus, gaining weight made me realize who among my circle like and love me truly..junk_food_kihlx 🙂

Hah Pee Nhesss ^_^


It’s a great feeling that’s hard to expand in a sentence..

It’s a light feeling that you can’t figure out until you realize you’re smiling so priceless..

It’s a breath of fresh air moment that you keep inhaling how flashly it gives you such peace..

It’s a like a great view that looks so pleasing, it gives you a sense of ease..

It’s an effortless feeling that is as if worth a billion, it soothes you inside wrapping you up and contenting you with comfort and joyfulness..

It’s a unique gift from God, being happy is not just a choice, it’s a right..

a right that God is giving us because He loves us, no doubts needed..and no more questions,asked….

God is providing us miracles, every single day..

But sometimes, we don’t often see it…because we let ourselves sink down, on sorrows  and in darkness..

We are obliged to be happy..So that God will be happy too..

We are obliged to do good..So that God will be much more happier..

We are obliged to be contented..So that God will be the happiest..

(To God Be The Glory..)

~Katie Cutamora ❤BeFunky_null_3.jpg

Dreaming my Wonderland

As I was getting closer,

You were going farther.

As I was breathing faster,

My run went on getting slower.


I kept on shouting, No…

but then I stumbled down the rabbit hole,

and someone whispered..

Kate, just let it go.DSCN3989